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The Socrato software was designed to simplify the way students can practice tests and automate complex reporting and assessments tasks for tutors and teachers. Moreover it will help you to understand individual strengths and weaknesses and create personalized learning plans to improve scores.

Socrato is designed for students, educators and schools looking to improve test scores using learning analytics

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Socrato Basic
The easiest, most flexible solution for Scoring of full tests or to get detailed individual section reports. Process tests for official and released test for admission tests like SAT, ACT, PSAT, ISEE and lot more. Please see exams section for full list.
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Socrato Premium
Tuned for tutoring centers with multiple tutors. In addition manage multiple tutors and generate group reports. Manage student data access for tutors by creating classes. Cost – Pay as you go.
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Socrato Max
Ideal for K-12 schools, charter schools and prep schools. Get access to Math and ELA content for grades 3 through 10. Aggregate trends for dive deep. Insights into class or school performance, individual assessments plans and more. Cost per student.
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