How We Compare with Other Platform

The best indicator of students preparation, learning and where they need to focus to ace the test is to measure the performance on practice tests, under simulated conditions, using old retired or released tests created by the examination organization themselves. Why use test prep materials that are of unknown quality?

The Socrato Advantage

With Socrato, you can have your students practice using retired, released tests from the College Board, ACT, Inc. and other agencies. We then make it easy for you to run diagnostics analyses on the results. While we do not sell, distribute or copy these tests, practice exams and study materials are widely and inexpensively available.

The time it takes tutors or students to score, grade, analyze tests and to create action plan can span anywhere from 15 minute to an hour or more for each student practice session for exams like the SAT or ACT.

With Socrato, your students or admin staff can quickly enter test answers using our online bubble sheet. Or you can bulk upload multiple test results from a bubbleform scanner output (spreadsheet). Either way, Socrato scores and analyzes the results online so that you can review each student’s strengths and weaknesses on every test. You can even upload your own tests and study materials.

Use Released Test, Get Real Insights, Spend More Time with Students

You eliminate the busywork of manually scoring exams and preparing reports — and gain more quality time to focus on each student’s individual requirements.

How Socrato is Different



Other Online Services


  • Designed for students, tutors and academies who want to practice for exams using released and retired tests
  • Uses diagnostic analyses created by (and used by) leading professional tutors and teachers worldwide
  • Deliver “one size fits all” as a single set of content is used for everyone
  • Many are tutoring companies that compete with you
  • Reports are limited to simple scoring and basic analysis

Study Materials

  • Uses study materials from the testing agencies and your own sources
  • Lets you upload your own tests and study materials
  • Force you to use their proprietary study materials


  • Supplements paper- and book-based learning with online analysis
  • Online and offline test taking
  • Provide no offline test taking experience similar to the actual exams
  • Testing and grading online